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"I came to this coaching session looking for career development guidance. I’ve been working professionally for 12 years, and been in my current role for just over 12 months. I wanted to start the process of thinking about next career steps, but perhaps more importantly, I wanted to try and understand why I wasn't feeling totally fulfilled in my current role."

Fanny's experience

"When choosing a coach it was important for me to speak to an impartial party, i.e. someone outside my organisation. It was also important that I spoke to a person who has a wealth of international professional experience who would understand my perspective (as an expat), but at the same time challenge my thinking. I found that person in Amy.

I’ve done various strengths and personality assessments before, but what I liked about the Barrett approach was how it focused on my values rather that my strengths and weaknesses or skill set. I could immediately see how I could translate the values' assessment into my work-life. It was the perfect starting point for several thought-provoking conversations.  I assessed my current situation, and came up with ideas of how I could improve on it, or make it more fulfilling, while bringing my values to the fore. The coaching helped me see that holding true to my personal values is vital for my performance at work but also my health. I left the session with a number of concrete ideas and strategies that I could put into place immediately to help me feel more fulfilled. After our discussion I also have a clearer idea of the kind of culture I want to work in, in the future, which is invaluable.


Amy led the session with empathy and professionalism. She asked the right questions, at the right time, and gave me space to talk through thoughts and feelings that had been bubbling in my brain for a while.   Her active listening and careful probing helped me reach conclusions and see the steps I could take now, and in the longer term, to make me feel more fulfilled at work. Amy’s warmth, empathy and humour helped me feel at ease as we dived into the session. Although the focus was on my experience, I felt that Amy’s own professional background informed how she approached the session and the kind of questions she asked. I found my session incredibly useful as it helped me not only voice thoughts and feelings I’d had for a while, but it pushed me to take the next step and come up with the actions I can take now, to move forward. Thank you, Amy!"

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