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Working with values

Values – conscious or unconscious – are the motivation for every decision made or action taken.

Employees have their own values when they walk in the door, and they are influenced everyday by the values they experience in your organisation.

Understanding the values currently at play is essential to put your wanted culture into action.

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360 Leadership Development Report

Magnify leadership effectiveness by helping your leaders recognise their true cultural impact and embrace an authentic leadership style. Leadership Development grounded in values-based insights builds the skills leaders need to:

  • Work more effectively with their leadership team

  • Better utilise the essential “soft skills” necessary to create a truly fulfilling and productive workplace

  • Engage with integrity and authenticity, the basis of trust

  • Find greater satisfaction, meaning, and connection in their work

Culture Assessment

Culture transformation starts with measuring your current culture and the desired culture. Understanding culture with shared metrics gives you insight to how to intentionally develop it.

The Culture Assessment provides you with a detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within your organisation, and the direction the organisation should be heading.

The results can generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities, and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders.


It provides a road map for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience, and sustainability

Wellbeing Assessment

Employee Wellbeing is at the heart of human-centric organisations. It is what happens when the organisational system as a whole works in alignment to support the needs of both the individual and the organisation.


I deploy the Barrett Wellbeing Assessment as a comprehensive measure of the organisational drivers of employee wellbeing, including:

  • Structures & Systems

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Leadership & Culture

Wellbeing is no longer an elusive, individually defined concept, but a tangible and malleable outcome, informed by employees’ experiences and feelings within the work environment.

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