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Amy Nemes, Founder, peoplelead

empowering positive

Amy Nemes founded peoplelead, to empower professionals and organisations to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth, producing tangible results with long lasting impact

By investing in your leaders and empowering their ability to lead effectively and empathetically,

you will see an increase in results, improved talent retention, and help provide an inclusive environment that develops and grows the culture your organisation wants.




Are you a leader looking to maximise your results?

We work with you to make a diagnostic assessment of your current leadership style and professional situation.

Together we'll identify your strengths and form an action plan of realistic objectives including areas of opportunities for growth to support your continuing development.


Are you an organisation trying to prepare for change?

We work with organisations to measure and understand culture, in order to intentionally develop it,

creating an inclusive learning environment that

fosters growth and well-being. 

We provide your leaders with essential future-skills, equipping them to inspire trust, create an inclusive results driven environment and the ability to

empower positive change.

Our methods & approach...

  • Personal values & motivational coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Global executive transition & intercultural skills coaching

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Our methods & approach...

  • Leadership team development including team building

  • ​Designing, facilitating and moderating team on/offsites and events - also available at our farm

  • Operational implementation, process and efficiency definition and programme management

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Amy Nemes facilitating

about Amy

Born in Sydney to Australian and Hungarian parents, Amy Nemes has over 10 years experience leading various dynamic international teams throughout Europe as a Director of Operations and Procurement, in both the public and private sectors.


With an early passion for travel, moving countries and actively seeking positive change, Amy thrives on exploring and accepting the diverse cultures in her environment, possessing unique intercultural competency,

leadership and facilitation skills.

In order to further her understanding of culture, Amy became a certified coach and consultant for the market leading Barrett Values Centre® in 2022.

Adaptable and approachable, Amy maximises her empathy and relationship building ability, to work with you in defining your leadership and organisational journey, providing actionable objectives that can be implemented with immediate effect where you need them most - empowering your leaders with essential future-skills.

Powering her energy and resilience when dealing with change and tackling resistance, Amy finds calm in nature at the working farm she runs with her partner and two children in the Lucerne hinterland.

Amy Nemes founded peoplelead in 2022.

  • Certified Barrett Values Centre® Consultant 2022

  • Gallup Strengthsfinder Management Training 2018

  • 10+ years intercultural leadership experience

  • Diploma Tourism Management, TAFE Sydney 2000

"...(Amy's) ability to break down, humanise and bring empathy to business problems was not only effective, but also made it fun and engaging for all participants. These skills helped us effectively manage some of the larger changes we went through..."

Matts, Senior Vice President at EF

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Team Meeting

When your people thrive,
your organisation thrives.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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